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Holiday Greetings To Build Your Network: Four Tips

The holiday season is the best time of the year to maintain your network.

Throughout Christmas and New Year's Eve, everyone feels how special families are and love to connect. People are full of understanding, thankfulness and love.

A great avenue to express the importance of friendship and strengthen relationships is through sending special holiday greetings to your colleagues, acquaintances and friends. Instead of being professional, take a personal approach. Take the personal approach to let others see part of your personality that you do not display the rest of the year.

Before you begin sending holiday greeting cards, keep a few things in mind.

As a networker, you should make a plan, and then act out your plan.

You should plan first so that your greetings will foster your relationships.

To ensure you maintain your network efficiently, here is a list of four ways you can use your holiday greetings:

1. Update Your Contacts

Complete your fresh list of contacts so that it includes new ones. Gather your business cards; go over your email contacts as well as your phone contacts. Take the acquaintances and friends you have made over the year and add them to your list of network members to send holiday greetings to this season.

2. Make Note of Important Contacts

Compile a separate set of contacts that you would like to become more acquainted with and give them a little more attention. Important contacts include your potential clients, or managers that may help assist your career. This list will also include people you would like to help. Then, add people that you personally feel are important to you to this list as well.

Place the recipient's name in the greeting. In the body, connect with the contact personally by adding experiences that you have shared, things you have in common, or even include something about them that they love, like their goals, family members, or whatever you think up. For ideas on how to write excellent personal greetings, check out Fiverr.

3. Take Advantage of Bulk Messages

All of the people who make up your network are important and each one of them should receive the proper attention from you. Treating your network right means that you use their names and make them feel important to you. You can send regular cards, text messages or emails, make sure that they are all personalized. Be careful with sending bulk greetings. Make sure you know how to, and do, add the recipient's name to ensure that the message is personal.

Technology has facilitated our ability to send personalized messages. You may send email as bulk messages, or send texts in bulk as SMS messages. In the text, you can make it so that the individual's name appears on his or her message. Mail Merge from Microsoft makes this simple, as well as Mail Chimp. Check the services offered by different countries along with applications provided by smart phones to customize SMS messages.

4. Use Your Memorable Greeting to Shine

The purpose of your holiday greeting is to express your personality and send your best wishes to your network, not promote you, your products, or your services. To make sure you making a lasting impression on your contact, add something special to your message or your wishes that will make the recipient smile. Show your recipient a new side of you that he or she is unaware of, like your sense of humor, or a trait you possess.

Here are some suggestions you can incorporate into your greeting:

• Something that makes you unique • A cool picture of you doing something like holding a sign with a desert backdrop. • A picture of a memorable character • Humor and rhymes • Special fonts and characters

Once you have sent your special holiday greetings, you can look forward to the New Year being filled with new acquaintances, opportunities and contacts that will be looking forward to connecting with you soon!